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Digital Intelligent Optical Smoke Detector / D-I411

Digital Intelligent Dual Heat Detector / D-I412
Digital Intelligent Multi Sensor / D-I410

Standard Base / DB-01

Digital Manual Call Point / BG-I450F
Protective Flip Cover / BG-450C

Intelligent Reflective Beam Detector / D-A430 / R

Intelligent Remote Indicator / R-A490G
Remote Indicator / R-C480S

Addressable Sounder Beacon / S-A493

Addressable Sounder and Strobe / S-A491
Addressable Sounder / S-A490

Deep Base / S-49DB

Addressable Sounder Circuit Module / AI-514
Addressable VA Zone Control Module / AI-513

Addressable Input Module / AI-500

Addressable Single I/O Module / AI-510
Addressable Single I/O Module Loop Powered / AI-510L

Addressable Double Input/Output Module / AI-511

Addressable Multi Channel Interface / AI-512M
Addressable Zone Monitor Unit / AI-515

Short Circuit Isolator / AI-520

Base Mount Isolator / AI-521
Handheld Programmer / D-APP

Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel / P-A-300

Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel / P-A2M
Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel



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