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Fire Fighting Equipments
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1. Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Stored Pressure Type

Mobile External CO2 Cartridge Type
Automatic Dry Powder Units

Dry Powder Cart Unit

Dry Powder Skid Unit
External CO2 Cartridge Type

Internal CO2 Cartridge Type

Mobile fire extinguishers with Stored Pressure Type
Twin Agent Mobile Units

2. Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

Special Foam Cabinet
Fire Hose Reel Double Cabinet

Fire Hose Cabinet

Custom Built Cabinets
Fire Hose Rack Cabinet

Self Standing Type Cabinet

Heavy Duty Fire Hose Reel
Fire Hose Reel with Foam Tank

Fire Hose Reel

Special double vertical recessed type cabinets
Special double vertical surface mounted cabinets

3. Fire Hydrants


Hydrant key
Hydrant Cabinet

Wet Type Hydrant

Under ground Hydrant
Hydrant Chamber

Duck Foot bend

Dry type Fire hydrant with Security Cap
Dry type Fire hydrants

Typical Dry Pillar Hydrant Installation

Wet Type Fire Hydrant Pedestal-Type
Under Ground Fire Hydrant

4. Landing Valve

Oblique Landing Valve

Bib Nose Type Landing Valve
Right Angle Landing Valve

Straight Through Landing Valve (Horizontal Type)

5. Hoses & Accessories


Single jacket hose
Rack & reel hose

Double jacket hose

Rack & reel hose
Double jacket fire hose

Suction Hose & Adaptors

Delivery Hose Coupling
Adaptors & Blank Caps

Fire Hose 2.5" x 30 mtr Type 2 BS 6391 With Aluminium / Brass Coupling



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