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1. Fire Protection System and Fire Alarm System

We pride ourselves in always striving to provide the cutting edge technology for various sectors like construction, oil & gas, petrochemicals, Defense organizations, Airports, and Power-plant etc. We are also a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and also Inline with the all International Code Of practices and guidelines.

The company has a team of qualified and experienced engineers who are experts in the design and installation of all types of fire protection and alarm systems. We offers a comprehensive range of services and products including design, engineering, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the following system.

Fire Hose Reel System
• Dry / Wet Riser Landing Valve System
Sprinkler System
Fire Hydrant System
Deluge Water Spray System
• Water Mist System
Foam Protection System
Fire Pumps
• Gaseous Fire Suppression System
Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System
Addressable Fire Alarm System
• Conventional Fire Alarm System
VESDA System
Emergency and Exit Light System
• Fire resistance cables
Maintenance & Servicing of Fire, Safety & Rescue equipments

2. Gas Pipe Line

The gas installation division has a team of highly qualified and trained Engineers and technicians to undertake the following:

Bulk LPG distribution systems consisting of Bulk storage tanks(s) and the distribution piping consisting of pressure regulators, gas meters, valves and safety devices.

Manifold type LPG distribution systems consisting of LPG cylinder manifolds (manual and automatic change over systems) and the distribution piping consisting of regulators, valves and safety devices.

Natural gas distribution systems consisting of Natural Gas pressure reducing & gas meter stations and the distribution piping consisting of regulators, valves and safety devices.Piped medical gas systems including very high purity gas systems consisting of tanks, medical gas manifolds, etc., and the distribution pipelines consisting of valves, alarms, zone service units, medical gas terminal units etc.

Industrial gas distribution systems consisting of gas manifolds (manual and automatic change over systems), gas outlets, regulators, gas alarms etc.

3. Maitenance Contracts

We have a well-equipped service center with the necessary equipments and tools where we do the maintenance of all types and brands of fire protection equipments & Fire alarm systems under the supervision of factory trained professionals. We do keep sufficient spares for the fire protection equipments in stock. The extinguisher maintenance work is carried out in accordance with the requirement and specifications laid down by the Civil, Defence dept of Royal Oman Police

4. Capabilities




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